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Classic Howler


This is a Thompson style howler hand built/custom turned, with a few modifications.

This howler is made with an Ash barrel  with black micarta for strength. It has a matte oil and wax finish inside out. This style has a machined ( by me )  detachable mouthpiece  with o-rings, that can be used as an open reed distress call for rabbit distress, puppy whines or fawn distress. The barrel can be used in a pinch as an amplifier horn when using diapraghm calls to change pitch and tone.

These howlers also have a relief hole in the toneboard to bleed off backpressure while howling that allows for smooth howls all the way down the board. By covering the hole with your bottom lip, you instantly have all the backpressure for raspy barks and  adult ki-yi's. Moving your lip off the hole and it makes a smooth howl with no skips or breaks. It takes a bit of practice to get comfortable with but soon becomes second nature.

This howler is extremely easy to blow. It takes a tiny amount of air to make it work, and this howler will do high pitched bird distress to medium pitched howls and deep adult ki-yi's.

Great all around workhorse.

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