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Open Reed Call Toneboards...

Posted by on February 9, 2019 at 8:05 PM

So I got in my head recently that I was going to have a couple new toneboards made. I had some plans drawn up for machining and 3D printing, and had both done.  The 3D printing was fun. I had them done in low res and a high res version for kicks. I had several configurations made, and although they are all good, I decided just to do it myself with my metal lathe and mini-mill. I have made hundreds of toneboards by hand, and take some pride in that, so I did my thing.

 I wanted a little wider board for the Deathpunch, so I did a full 3/4" board. After molding, I will usually dovetail those a bit to make them a little more narrow toward the tip. I milled a 5/32" air channel in it, then cut the ramp/curve on a rotary table. In the end though, I ended up doing that part by hand...and it came out great. I like my calls to have some power, in being able to get good volume and rasp  in the middle and at the base of the reed without having the call cut out or collapsing a well a some finesse at the tip. I like an easy blowing call that you can control...which imo makes a call enjoyable to use. I ended up with a great board that does a lot of things well. Next Ill build some molds so I can make lots of boards. Although my original plan was to have these CNC machined...for now, I think Ill continue to mold them in my shop by hand right now. I have no idea why I torture myself tinkering with and making these damn things.

The Sweetpea and Deuce will have updated boards as well, still sticking with the 1/2" size. I also have a little howler in the works.

Anways, thats whats up with the open reeds at this point.

Some low res 3D printed boards, I didnt like this style really, but they are great after they are cleaned up...but I may use it in the future for something. (They make great cow elk calls .)

A couple pics of the Deathpunch board in progress, in no particular order and obviously not finished.

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