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Deathpunch and Sweetpea

Posted by on February 2, 2018 at 2:25 PM

Released these two open reed calls recently. Always trying to improve my calls, and they all may evolve in the future.

 I described the Sweetpea a bit in a post below. The Deathpunch is a bigger call. It has a 5/8 toneboard with a bigger air channel The reed is standard .010 with a tapered cut.. The exhaust/bore is 5/8 as well.  It is brassy and loud for a call this size.

   These calls are designed with a short exhaust  that makes the call responsive and the sounds crisp and clear. To many open reed calls out there are made with long, deep exhaust/bores that deepen and restrict the sound so much that you cant get a good range of sounds out of them. They just sound flat and muddy. They may look good, but they are really hampered by that design in my opinion.  There are just to many predator call makers out there that are using the duck call shape and size for thier open reed calls, and Ill add, enclosed reed calls as well. Weve all done it, Its a sharp look, but I just believe in designing a call around the intended the sound and performance first, not the look. JMO.

Sweetpea and Deathpunch

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