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Suckerpunch Revival....

Posted by on January 14, 2018 at 9:35 PM

This is an enclosed reed call that is in the same linup as the new model Sweetpea open reed posted below. It has either a single or double reed setup inside, with a coaxer reed mounted in the barrel for great coaxing peeps to pull in those hung up coyotes and cats that last few yards.

This call is designed to be tough and versitile. It has that sort of hollow distress sound that some guys like due to the long-ish exhaust. This is unlike my wood calls, that have that tight scream to them.

The call is 2 piece so reed changes are easy. The reed is captured in place tightly by a rubber bushing, so no worries about a reed falling out. Also, I can build 2 mouthpieces with different reeds installed that you can change back and forth.

Anywho, coming soon.

Suckerpunch Enclosed Reed

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