Cocobolo Open Reed


This call is turned from cocobolo and  double black Jet-Phen micarta (phenolic).  The toneboard is hand poured urethane plastic molded from one of my handmade original boards. It is 1/2" wide with an 1/8" square air groove. The reed is .010 and tapered.  The bore is 1/2". This call will do high pitched bird all the way to a raspy jack rabbit. This is small, mid-range type call. Comes with a red 550 cord lanyard.

Construction notes:
Jet-Phen is a  fine textured micarta and is tenon jointed to the cocobolo and joined together with industrial strength epoxy.
I use micarta for strength so there will be no issues with splitting etc. when the toneboard and wedge are inserted into the call  during tuning etc., over its lifetime. Other makers calls that use a similiar toneboard/wedge system eventually crack in this area because they are wedging against raw wood.

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