Birdseye Maple Screamer


This enclosed reed call is turned from a solid piece of dense Birdseye Maple. It has an oil and wax finish inside and out.

  These calls have a precision machined internal stepped bore and a mid-mounted reed. This design allows for easy air presentation into the call, and controlled exhaust out of the call, resulting in a smooth, easy to control call.

  The outside is turned to a classic reverse taper design which lets the call rest in the hand naturally, allowing good control while calling and preventing the call from slipping out of your hand. The trumpet style mouthpiece is very smooth and comfortable. The lanyard groove is 3/16".

  This call comes with a black 550 cord single loop lanyard and has a replaceable reed that is tuned to a mid pitched jack sound that gets plenty loud and raspy when you step on it.

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